Search engine optimization (SEO) - part of an online strategy

A modern and contemporary website is the one thing to be found on the Internet is the other.
Internet users enter keywords in search engines to find information about companies, products or services.
Only by optimizing your website for search engines your business will be found faster on the Internet. For this reason, search engine optimization (SEO) is an important and constant part of the online marketing strategy. A regular check of the keywords on your website / website as part of an SEO is essential for a better ranking in Google & Co.

The first steps?

  • OnPage Optimization
  • keyword analysis
  • Offpage analysis
  • link building
  • Local SEO
  • supervision
Search Engine Optimization SEO withOnline on Tenerife

OnPage Optimization

The content on the website must be adjusted based on the data obtained. These include the page titles, page descriptions, content, etc. We can do this optimization for you or make a report with the recommendations for you.
Information on our SEO analysis / SEO reports can be found on our SEO Reporting – Website Optimization page.

Keyword analysis

The keywords are the keys to optimization. We help you choose the most promising words / word combinations using various computer programs. These are positioned in the right places during the later search engine optimization / onpage optimization.

Local SEO

Many companies underestimate the need to optimize their website for local search. Various studios have revealed that more and more internet users are looking for the product, the location of the company, the opening hours etc. before going to a store. To find the location, the opening times or the telephone number, the mobile phone / smartphone is usually used.

For this purpose, it is important that the website is designed for mobile use (information on this can be found under website design).
On the topic of regional online marketing, visit our page “Why is regional online marketing important?” further information