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Uwe Wortmann, Online on Tenerife
Webdesign, SEO and more

Online on Tenerife create websites (webdesign) and optimize webpages for the search engines (SEO) from our office in Germany.

My name is Uwe Wortmann. owner of the online agencies “Online on Tenerife” and „Keepsmile Design“ (Germany).
I also own the Fotostudio Keepsmile in Castrop-Rauxel (Germany) .

However, it is our intention to open an office on Tenerife in the near future. In order to provide optimal service to our customers, I regularly on Tenerife to discuss on-going projects and, of course, to widen my client base.

Due to the Corona crisis, I am currently not in Tenerife and of course cannot fly there.

My team and I are always reachable via email and WhatsApp or you can reach me via my spanish mobile number (+34 610 31 04 95) or German telephone numbers (landline +49 2305 970 88 30 or mobile +49 151 235 73337).

Unfortunately, communication is only possible in German and English.

As we currently have our office in Germany, we operate under strict German data protection laws. We will continue to abide by these laws in future, because we are of the opinion that personal data should be protected as much as possible.

Web Design / Internet page design

A user-oriented website is a must for all companies today. In the age of “mobile devices” – smartphones and tablets – a website and the use of social media is essential. The local reference is very important for shops and restaurants / bars.

We, of Online on Tenerife give you exactly what you need. Based on the sizes of your business and other specific requirements. Your website is designed with your corporate color, logo, and font (corporate identity / corporate design) according to your wishes.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

When a search engine can not find your website you lose business.

Visibility on the Internet is very important nowadays, because who is not seen is not found.

The ranking of webpages in the search engines depents on the relevance of a page and the loading time. Special effects can look great, but these can lengthen the loading time, resulting in a negative effect on the ranking on Google and Co. Missing headlines an incorrect links are also some oh the many factors that can have a negative effect on the visibility of your website.The team of Online on Tenerife helps you to optimize your website for the search engines (SEO).

The domain / url and your email-address have to correspond (e.x., your website: your Email:

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