Local online-marketing

Why is regional online marketing important?

Especially for local providers / business owners (shopkeepers or local service providers), it is essential to alert potential customers to their own products and services. In addition, existing customers are informed about offers or products.

The acceptance of newspapers and / or print advertising more and more – especially among the young generation.

The new sources of information are: Internet – no more trade journals or newspaper advertising.

To ensure that this is not misunderstood, print advertising is important to “remember” your own company or product. There are many printed materials that a company needs. A business card or flyer is also print advertising – even important print advertising. Many customers want to hold a leaflet / flyer in their hand as a “reminder support” and take it home.

A newspaper advertisement is only seen once or leafed through by the newspaper reader – because the reader is not interested in the subject. After that, the newspaper “wanders” into the trash can.

We are flooded with advertising these days. This creates a blunting; General advertising is hardly noticed, unless we have a direct relation to it.

Fotostudio xy offers among others application photos. To promote this topic, several newspaper ads will be displayed in the local press. Cost of some 100, – €. Stupid only if the newspaper reader just does not need application photos. The newspaper advertisements fall into oblivion.

After a few weeks, application photos will suddenly be needed.

What will happen?

A possibility:

The former newspaper reader can remember the display of the photo studio XY in the daily paper – maybe.

Another possibility:

The former newspaper reader reaches for the telephone book / yellow pages or the like and looks for a photo studio in the area – unlikely.

One more way:

The former newspaper reader will sit down at his computer or use his smartphone / tablet and search the Internet for application photos or a photo studio in his hometown / region – very likely.

Now we are back to the question:

“Why is regional online marketing important?”

More than 80% of sales are generated within 50 km
40% of Internet users look for information from local businesses (eg opening hours, phone numbers, address, etc.)
50% of all mobile searches have a regional reference
93% of Internet users check the internet before buying any goods or services
more and more people use a smartphone (2015> 56%)
Due to the IP address or the GPS data, regional search results are listed by the search engines.

A city / whereabouts need not be specified explicitly, unless a company in another city / region is searched for.

In order to be part of the search results, many adjustments have to be made to your online presence.